After registering an increase in sales to 3.5 million euros this year, Düsseldorf based brand Einstein & Newton plans on expanding its core businesses and further support the retailers.
This change is supposed to be achieved through investments in the departments of product, marketing and digitalization to aspire a growth especially in the core markets.

Therefore, Einstein & Newton will put their focus on expanding their range quote-tees and longsleeves with new product groups and -variations.

Investments in the infrastructure of the brand, like the move into a bigger headquarter in Düsseldorf or the introduction of a B2B portal as well as the digitalization of the flow of goods, are said to further strengthen Einstein & Newton’s position in the market. This way the brand also aims to further support its retailers.

“With the cautious purchase intention, we have to support the in-store retailers with all tools possible that are at our disposal. This includes the integration into the social media channels as well as the individual consultation with the visual merchandise,” says Mario Lipovac, owner of Einstein & Newton.