The traditional multibrand fashion store Eickhoff in Düsseldorf will close end of May 2014. Many fashion people were shocked. Eickhoff is the retailer in the high-end market and the name is well known in Europe. The luxury fashion house is the address for exclusive designer wear, and the branch the owner Albert Eickhoff is a fashion hero. Eickhoff is a story of change in the high-end market. He has always had the right feeling for luxury brands and exclusive designer labels. But during the last years he lost more and more exclusive brands that opened own shops or started a new retail strategy. Dior will be the new owner of the Eickhoff property at Königsallee for the next ten years. Dior is one example of the change in the fashion market. All of the important designer brands will open own stores on Königsallee. Even retail has changed. During the last years more modern concept and lifestyle stores like Jades and Apropos have opened. Jades offer exclusive high fashion designers for a younger target group and celebs. Eickhoff has been under pressure since the 15,000sqm luxury lifestyle department store Breuninger opened in October in Düsseldorf.

Eickhoff can tell a long and successful fashion story. Brigitte and Albert Eickhoff opened the first store in 1961 under the name “Modesalon Eickhoff” in Lippstadt, 1974 the next store in Bielefeld and 1981 Eickhoff opened the third store in Düsseldorf, Königsallee 56.