Here, Edina Sultanik Silver, a founding principal at BPMW Agency, the New York-based sales and marketing company that is also the producer of the international Capsule trade shows, discusses her company’s Web gem, The seven-year-old site/blog provides news and pertinent information about the global “progressive” fashion sector (as she and her team like to call it) every business day. If you haven’t read–or, better yet, bookmarked–it yet, you should. It features some fantastic content. Interview by Christopher Blomquist

What’s the site's history and how has it evolved since its launch in 2006?

BPMW launched WeAreTheMarket to serve as a focal point and news hub for the community we were currently focusing on as an agency, which we called the progressive market. This was in the early days of fashion blogs and WATM was created to offer tools of the trade to the market–business news, profiles, retail insights and trend reports from the most sought-after designers and influential retailers we worked with or admired around the world. The blog has been steadily increasing in popularity. Once Capsule was launched, the site went through a redesign to address evolving content. This month we are embedding WATM on the website, solidifying its function as a news and features source for the Capsule community.

Who writes it and how is editorial content determined?

I oversee most of the editorial content and the posts are written mostly by a global army of freelancers as well as interns.

How often is the content updated?

Content is updated daily. We aim for two to four original posts per day. This includes news, events, studio visits, designer and retailer interviews, look books and more.

On average, how many visitors does it get per day, week or month?

We get close to 50,000 visitors a month.

What has been some of your favorite content on the site thus far and why?

I really enjoy the designer interviews. I especially like reading them describe in their words what they’re working on or what their inspiration for the season will be, etc.

Is your audience mostly fashion insiders or do you get a lot of traffic from the public?

While the site’s content is definitely geared toward industry professionals we do estimate that at least 25% of our traffic are just diehard fashion fans.

What are the challenges of running the site? And the joys?

Challenges often arise in finding great writers who are also knowledgeable about the market we cover. It’s always great to get feedback from a young designer we covered about how a post on WeAreTheMarket has helped impact their business in a positive way.

What are two or three rules you have learned about having a site since it began?

  1. Always be posting—keeping fresh and compelling content on the site is crucial for building a loyal readership.

  2. How you promote the content is almost as important as the content itself.

  3. It’s all in the details—ensuring that fonts are uniform, photos are great quality and information is accurate and spelled correctly.

How important is reader interaction/comments on the site?

We don’t have comments enabled.

What are the different rubrics/sections of the site? And how were those determined?

We determined the rubrics based on the content types we felt were most important to our readers. Those include: Designer Interviews, Lookbook Previews, Retail, Trade Shows, Trends, Opinion, Business and Lifestyle.

How does the content you publish here differ from your print publication and do the two ever overlap?

We don’t have a print pub per se. The Capsule newspaper is very specific to the Capsule shows, where the blog is more geared towards the industry at large, with a focus on Capsule designers and retailers.

How important has social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) been in driving people to the site?

Social media is very important and we are active on FB, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. A good percentage of our traffic comes from social media, but more importantly, the social media platforms allow us to engage with our community in creative ways.

What other fashion-related websites are among your daily/weekly must-reads?

Business of Fashion, Four-Pins, Selectism, Port-magazine, Mashable, WWD, Des Jeunes Gens Modernes and Contemporary Standard.