During the Milan Menswear Week and within the frame of Expo2015, the “Foodscraps for Denim & Co” project involved companies in the denim and cuir market that aged their products by employing food-scraps from the Abruzzi region such as, for instance, olive nuts, wine, dried fruit and similar ingredients.

Also involved in the project was the Energie jeans brand that developed five different washes inspired by the making of local wines such as red, white and rosé from Montepulciano, Cerasuolo and Trebbiano grapes as well as green hues coming from vine plants and browns from the soil.

Energie created a Work Authentic Look Denim & Co by mixing a denim trouser completed with leather pockets and patches, all washed with wine production remains.

The project involved different companies from the Polo Moda Inn local association that groups together Sixty Distribution, the company that manages the Energie brand, FG1936, owner of Re-Hash, the Wash Italia laundry, plus C & C+ C (XXCross), CT Point and Novarte (Laurafed).