Online retailer Ebay will improve its fashion category, one of its biggest categories. From May, the company aims to build up a “virtual shopping street for fashion”. The whole area will receive a new appearance with new categories such as “world of brands” and “world of second hand fashion”. This will separate big dealers from private sellers. In the future Ebay will work together with more big manufacturers and sellers who are running their own shops on the platform.

At the moment, 30 big sellers and fashion vendors are already featured. Among others there are Görtz, Buffalo, Eastpak and “With about 112 Millions of active users, Ebay-Market place is an efficient additional sales channel”, says Martin Barthel, Senior Director Buyer Experience & Verticals at Ebay. These label shops are completely free to price (auction or fixed price) and present their goods as they wish. In addition, marketing and sales services can be used from Ebay.

Through a recent Ebay survey “The future of retail”, it was ascertained that consumers have an open mind about technical innovations and trends such as crowd-sourcing. One in four (25%) can imagine taking part in a collection, via crowd-sourcing, by picking products for a collection. Nearly half (45%) of the respondents are interested in a virtual mirror. More than 70% believe that in future we will be able to find products, seen on the street or in magazines, by virtual tagging. With this technology it will be possible to directly look at the product seen on the street, in an online shop. 69 % of respondents think that the trend of virtual mirrors and changing rooms (augmented reality) will take root.

Online users indicated that in terms of fashion they buy 63% at stationary retailers, 33% online, and 4% on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. According to their opinions, these proportions will change within the next ten years into: 48% (stationary retailers), 38% (online), and 15% (mobile devices). For this survey 1000 people who were at least 14 years of age were interviewed in March 2013.