At an investor conference in San Jose, USA, Ebay introduced its three-year-growth-strategy. For 2015, Ebay expects a worldwide volume of 300 billion dollars, in comparison to the 175 billion in 2012. The turnover is calculated to 21.5 billion dollars. In 2012 Ebay had a turnover of 14.1 billion dollars. Furthermore the company is expecting an increasing growth across all three of its business areas: Ebay Marketplaces, PayPal and GSI Commerce.

The company is planning to take one of the leading positions in the development of a fast, technology driven, networked trade environment. “Innovative technologies are building new web-enabled interfaces and new smooth multi-screen experiences for the retail aspect. These will connect seller and buyer everywhere at any time. This opportunity will extend the traditional stores or web shops”, explains Ebay Inc. president and CEO John Donahoe.