Ebay has opened a Pop-Up-Store in Berlin-Mitte, Oranienburgerstraße. The 400 square meter sales area will be open up to 16th December.

Moreover Tschopp and Keese explained during their press conference how development and strategy of eBay and PayPal Germany will change in the future, mainly owing to rapid changes in mobile technologies.

The eBay Christmas boutique has over 150 products and the option to buy products via a smartphone. All products bought will be delivered to the customers home address, saving customers the hassle of carrying heavy bags after Christmas shopping.

The future strategy of eBay is to offer a simple yet inspiring shopping experience. The online marketplace focuses on 4 aspects: the development of mobile trade, the expansion of the product assortment, the boost of cross-border trade, as well as the creation of personalized shopping experiences. Moreover eBay concentrates to keep a correct combination of private and commercial offers. “It is the mix of new products, unique items, and everyday objects, branded and used products, which characterizes the assortment of our marketplace” comments Martin Tschopp.

In the PayPal area the future of mobile paying will be presented. In the PayPal coffee shop it is possible to buy muffins and coffee via the PayPal payment App. The goal is bringing customers and retailers closer together, including the retailer’s needs and customer’s wants.

Between Christmas and New Year, from December 27th to 29th, the eBay shop becomes a sales room, where guidance about the selling online will be provided. Visitors are then able to bring the products and directly sell them online on eBay.

According to eBay, they are counting 18 active members, 5,4 million private sales persons and 50 million articles, which are constantly on sale, 117 million active users are trusting PayPal.