The market and trend research institute Ears and Eyes has carried out a study for the Hamburg-based communications agency Punkt PR. This September 1000 German men and woman were questioned regarding their perception of producers and trademarks in the categories: fashion, technical, cosmetics and food.

The results of the study show that the favourite brands in Germany are Apple and Esprit. For men the favourite brands in terms of fashion are sports and outdoor brands. Third ranked is the technical brand Samsung. The Germans preferred cosmetic comes from Nivea. Interestingly, the top ten favourite brands include trademarks such as Balea of dm.

Attributes such as sustainable production, popularity of the producer and fair trade are considered of increasing importance. Another discovery is that online trading accounts for a large share of the technical sector. Over 1/3 of consumers buy technical goods such as TV’s, computer’s etc. online. In comparison, online sales for cosmetics account for 4% and for fashion 18%. In addition, 60% of all sales were for branded goods.

Siegmund Kolfhoff, CEO of the Punkt PR agency, comments: "Consumers increasingly bet on quality when they choose products, and they combine this factor primarily with branded products."