Etiqueta Negra Polo & Sportswear has opened its first flagship store in Rome in Piazza del Parlamento.
For the special occasion, the central square of Rome hosted a number of rare classic cars from manufacturers such as Jaguar, Porsche, Aston Martin and Bugatti. The cars were kindly provided by Rita De Gaetan, president of the Scuderia Jaguar Storiche Roma.
The apparel brand is inspired by two main passions; classic cars and motorbikes, and the game of polo. Both of these are presented inside the brand's stores. The flagship boutique measures 55sqm, has four windows and is located on the corner of Piazza del Parlamento and Via dei Prefetti.
The store's shop window hosts a historic motorbike model, the Gilera Saturn 500 from 1941, some authentic polo balls and clubs, as well other vintage items relating to polo and classic cars and motorbikes.
Etiqueta Negra polo & sportswear is a brand produced and distributed by Indas Retail Srl, in Medolago, near Bergamo, Italy.