A new Esprit flagship store on Hong Kong’s Peking Road opening Oct. 17 will set a new architectural standard for the retailer. The store will present a concept based on the Memphis design, which has been given a new spin inspired by the products’ brand identity.

The store’s over 1,000-sq.-meter facade includes three horizontal banners. Designed by the Cologne-based architectural firm Corneille Uedingslohman, they create a never-before-seen surface effect. The banners consist of dark metal perforated in regular intervals with embedded glass lenses. Each of the over 24,000 glass lenses is then backlit with individually controlled LEDs. The resulting overall pixel façade offers the potential for interactive display, an effect that reveals its full radiance at night, while the reflection of the surroundings results in dramatic effects during the day.

The pattern designs adapted from the Memphis design in earlier Esprit stores such as the zoom room, double dots, mosaic or round quad further add variety and were designed using a continuous color codex, harkening back to the early Esprit’s design language yet is more pastel, calm and refined for 2009.

The store design was developed in collaboration with the Esprit architecture department of Schwitzke & Partner from Düsseldorf, Germany.

As of Jun. 30, 2009 Esprit Holdings Limited generated a worldwide group turnover of around €3.1 billion. The company operates more than 800 directly managed retail stores in over 40 countries and distributes its products to more than 14,000 wholesale locations around the globe.

—Melanie Gropler