Lifestyle company Esprit is introducing a selective distribution partnership across Europe beginning in August.

“Selling exclusively through authorized dealers will provide a number of long-term benefits to distribution partners and the brand alike,” says Henning Gerbaulet, wholesale manager Europe.

The selective distribution model introduces standardized criteria for each distribution format such as partnership stores, shop-in-shops and multilabel stores for the selection of trade partners and product presence and branding. Where necessary, due to specific market characteristics, these criteria will be adapted to the respective European country. The high-quality presentation will also be used for online sales. The introduction of selective distribution means that the products are presented in a way that maintains the brand’s superior level of quality.

Esprit will maintain existing distribution partnerships or will collaborate more intensively. All Esprit partners which only partially meet the required criteria will have enough time of about two years to undertake measures necessary for fulfilling the selective criteria.

—Lisa Dartmann