The Turkish Eroglu Group, denim producer and owner of the denim brand Colin's, is going to sell its second brand Big Star. The reasons for the sale are the inconsistent trademark rights within the European Union. The countries Poland, Czechia and Slovenia are in the hands of a Polish company, which is now going to buy the rights from the Eroglu Group, says CEO Suat Eroglu.

The deal will be finished by mid or the end of September.

However, the most important reason for the sale is a lost lawsuit in Turkey, where an additional company holds the trademark rights for Big Star. “With this result, we are not allowed to produce Big Star in our own facilities anymore," says Eroglu.

The deliveries for winter will be completed. After that the new owner will take responsibility for the customers. With the sale of Big Star, the Eroglu Group will focus on its brand Colin's and strengthen its presence in Europe.

After Big Star announced insolvency in 2004, the Eroglu Group took over Big Star Weil am Rhein in 2005, but the company remains a separate entity from the Group.