EP6, which has distributed Freeman T. Porter in France since 1996, has become its world license holder.

The volume of turnover achieved in France, which has grown continuously, and the ever-growing presence of EP6 in the design and media fields, justify this license transfer.

Munich-based EP6, a company with around 40 staff members and managed by Evelyne and Pascal Muller, has steadily contributed to establishing Freeman T. Porter as an urban fashion brand.

“We intend to intensify Freeman T. Porter’s expansion, reinforce its position on the developed markets, and extend its distribution to new territories. We are working towards the future with a will to make the brand ever more dynamic. However,” said Muller, “we will avoid any disturbance of the fundamentals by ensuring a real transition with the style teams and maintaining a number of key staff based at Munich.”

Rainer Geilfus, co-founder of Freeman T. Porter, said: “It was difficult to resist Evelyne and Pascal’s desire to forge ahead and I suggested to them that they should assume control of the brand. They have made enormous achievements and for over thirteen years have made the greatest commitment of any distributor to Freeman. Today they are making additional strides which tend to prove their determination.”

Freeman T. Porter is currently available in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Holland, with some 2,000 stockists, and is set to continue its expansion throughout Europe before establishing itself on other continents.

—Isabel Mühlbauer