Today, Enzo Fusco, co-founder and president of FGF Industry Group, will receive the Città Impresa 2012 Award for his creative and entrepreneurial activity and contributions to the economic, social and cultural development of Italy and the Veneto Region.
The annual prize is awarded since five years and is supported by the Italian newspapers Corriere della Sera and Nordest Europa. It honors entrepreneurial spirit, emerging young talents, public administrations and corporate associations that support the local economy and activities of North-Eastern Italy.
The jury has selected Fusco for the Città Impresa 2012 Award due to the fact that he is considered as one of the region’s leading ‘idea manufacturers’ and due to his creativity and intuition that boost the growth of his country day by day.
Born in Turin, Fusco started working in fashion, conscious of the fact that creativity and down-to-earthness are key to success. Moving from Piedmont to Veneto, Fusco was a designer for renowned Italian fashion brands before he founded his own “Centro Stile Borromeo” in 1980s which served as a creative hub for fashion ideas and as the basis for the development of Fusco’s own company and its success.
In the mid ’90s Fusco, together with his wife Silvana, his daughter Federica and son-in-law Giuseppe D’Amore, founded FGF Industry Spa, (the name comes from Fusco, Giuseppe and Federica) in order to offer trendy sportswear brands as symbols of the Italian lifestyle and military-work inspired products.
With his targets in mind, Fusco gave new life to the US military apparel brand Blauer, bought and revamped the Italian historic sportswear brand C.P.Company and founded BPD be Proud of this Dress brand.
Enzo Fusco will be officially awarded today, May 2, at 5.30 pm, at the Fiera di Vicenza, in Vicenza, Italy. Corrado Passera, Economic Development Minister of Italy, will also attend the ceremony.