Urban streetwear brand Emerald is ready to debut. The premium menswear line that comes from Element targets the generation that grew up with skateboarding, and has now matured to a more eco- and quality-conscious lifestyle but still has passion for the Element brand.

The casual but sophisticated collection offers an easy-to-wear sportsman style. The objective of the Element Emerald collection is to deliver an upscale select offering of sustainable and organic contemporary product into the action sports marketplace, which satisfies the taste level of a more sophisticated consumer and to create a product for the more mature, “fashion forward thinking” community, while having a minimal effect on the environment. Element has grown up - but it will always remember its beginnings, and that is why, to honor its roots, this line still uses the tree icon as its primary insignia.

Emerald Clayton Walkshort
Emerald Clayton Walkshort
In addition, Element’s Conscious By Nature component is incorporated to every item produced, meaning the entire apparel line is constructed primarily with sustainable materials and manufacturing techniques. From seed to end consumer, an organic product is processed.

The collection is also socially friendly: a portion of proceeds from every sale will go to a charitable organization so that every consumer purchase makes a difference leading to positive change.

Emerald founder Johnny Schillereff said: “Like so many people from our culture, we’ve matured, and so have our interests, taste levels and choices; but the love, passion, appreciation for our rich history has only grown stronger. From all of this came the concept of creating a collection that embodies these individuals and ideals, all the while inspiring and making a positive impact on our world. The journey of a thousand miles… starts with a single step.”

Element’s sub-brand Emerald will be available from April at selected stores.