New York-based Ecko Unlimited is putting its rhino logo to good use. The world-famous "rhino brand" has joined forces with the Save the Rhino organization to design a special edition T-shirt which will raise funds for the recovery and survival of rhinoceros's, which are nearly on the brink of extinction. Retailing at $24, all proceeds from the t-shirts will go directly to the Save The Rhino organization.

The t-shirt is slated to hit department and specialty stores such as Macy's Dillard's, Robinson's May, Fine's, Rich's, Retail Apparel, Against All Odds, Dr. Jays, Buckle, D.E.M.O. and Eblens this July.

"Our whole corporate identity and ethos is based on the rhino's survival," said Ecko Unlimited CEO and founder, Marc Ecko in a press release. "They are strong, fiercely loyal, great in stature, only interested in moving forward, not backwards, can take off at 30 mph and blow your mend!"

Save The Rhino was established in 1990 and has teams of educators, patrollers and conservationists in Kenya, Rwanda, Sumatra and other rhino-populated nations.

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Joselle Yokogawa, US Features Editor