Eastpak is sponsoring the current tour of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Wrestling Bash “License To Thrill.” On September 4 the show is being staged at the Walhalla Skatehall in Braunschweig, Germany with doors opening at 7.30 pm. This outstanding rock ‘n’ roll musical is a symbiosis of Mexican wrestling, trash and hard-boiled rock ‘n' roll sound. In cooperation with “The Wrestling Bash Orchestra,” the Trash Wrestling League (G.T.W.A.—Galactic Trash Wrestling Alliance) have produced an unprecedented show. While “The Wrestling Bash Orchestra” puts its incredible musical power on display on stage, a wild bunch of Trash Wrestling characters, dressed in their wicked wrestling garb, go berserk in the ring in front of the stage. The rock ‘n’ roll trash comedy is based on flamboyant story lines and an adrenaline-fueled performance perfectly matching the musical score. The plot centers on the power of the G.T.W.A., with wrestlers settling ancient feuds, provoking new conflicts and burying some forever, giving the show its special appeal. The rock ‘n’ roll/wrestling extravaganza has been touring Europe since 2003. Eastpak chose to sponsor the tour because of its innovative event format and youthful target audience.