With C-Cube, Emporio Armani presents a revolutionary 3d carbon fiber cushioning system (Carbon Cushioning Control) which is the core of an exclusive new high-performance sports shoes line.

C-Cube is based on an innovative method which allows to insert a carbon fiber that works in synergy with the EVA of the sole, providing perfect cushioning, lightness, elastic response to various degrees of stress. These singular characteristics create a sole which reacts actively to the wearer, perfectly adapting to each one's individual weight, barycentre and body structure in order to get excellent sports results. All of it with maximum lightness, to ensure the level of performance requested by professional sportsmen. 

With the Carbon Cushioning Control innovation, C-Cube is the EA7 Emporio Armani footwear line suited for agonistic use, following the principles of style and performance of this unique Armani collection. The line is composed of running and training shoes, for both men and women.