A revamped version of the historical US outdoor and workwear brand Filson debuted at the last edition of Bread&Butter in Berlin in January 2013.

Donadi and his recently founded consultant studio Creative Conduit Office, alongside strategic partner Bedrock Manufacturing, who also own Filson - read the the story on sportswearnet.com - will build on C.C. Filson’s heritage, including an emphasis on ‘Made in Seattle’ products that continue to push forward the company’s high standards.

The A/W13 collection preserves C.C. Filson’s iconic styles and fits, while introducing the same iconic styles in updated fits, colours, and fabrications (introducing more technical and specialty fabrics including a treated soy wax canvas). The accessories collection will also expand to include additional fabrications and colours showing a more seasonal side to Filson’s many iconic offerings. Additionally, the Filson S/S 2014 collection will benefit from having the complete impact of the Bedrock Creative Office team’s efforts.

“We saw the opportunity to apply newly formed design principles to expand the Filson collection in a way that stays true to both the company’s history and to its longstanding customer" commented Donadi.

“Maurizio Donadi and the Bedrock Creative Office team have worked hard and fast to further define the Filson brand. This partnership will ultimately strengthen Filson for generations to come.” Said Heath Carr, principal at Bedrock Manufacturing Co. “In a matter of a few months they have made some important updates to the product which will allow Filson to evolve in an honest way that simultaneously pays respect to both the past and the future.”