The French jeans-enterprise Dogg Label, owner of the brands Le Temps des Cerises and Japan Rags, has opened its capital to the private equity and investment group Siparex, based in France and specialized in medium-sized business development.

With this new financial partner, who will be minority shareholder, the firm aims to develop new growth and also manage the transmission of stakes from Gil Richardière to his son Lylian Richardière. The two have founded the enterprise in 1998 in Marseille and held 50 percent share each. Gil Richardière, who was president of the enterprise in the last years, will resign his functions and his son Lylian will take over his responsibilities. Lylian will also remain in charge for the art direction of the company.

The new partner Siparex Midmarket III will invest €12 million in a first step and will raise an asset of €40 million in the upcoming operation. This fresh new capital is destined for a bigger development in the upcoming years. Concretely the enterprise wishes to open new points of sale in France, to strengthen its e-commerce and to expand the export. The aim is to reach higher revenues in the next three or four years by keeping the current price and fashion policy.

Dogg Label runs an e-commerce shop, about 50 own shops and around 10 affiliates. In 2013, the company registered a revenue of €70 million.

The group Siparex, founded 36 years ago, has capital investments of €1 billion in mid-sized and regional and innovation driven businesses. The firm operates mainly in France and partly in Spain (Madrid) and Italy (Milan).