On 24 June, Diesel filed a legal action at the U.S. federal court in New York against 83 websites that are cyber-squatting and selling counterfeit products appearing to carry the Diesel label.

As explained by the Italian company, the 83 identified websites have created the fake impression that they are authorized to sell genuine Diesel goods by using the company’s trademark in the domain name. These sites have sold thousands of replicas of the brand’s high quality products that are counterfeit reproductions of Diesel’s trademarks.

Renzo Rosso, Diesel’s Founder and President, commented: “The unlawful use of Diesel trademarks to sell counterfeit goods through various retail websites around the world injures our customers who think they are buying a Diesel-quality product. In addition, these websites damage the brand's reputation and goodwill, hindering the distinctiveness of authentic Diesel products’ trademark quality and craftsmanship.”

Diesel is strongly committed to fight against cyber-squatting as part of a global program to combat the business of counterfeit products. In 2013, Chinese customs officials confiscated over 70,000 counterfeit Diesel products exiting the country, while European customs withheld another 35,000 items and an additional 15,000 in the first six months of 2014.

In 2014, Diesel initiated an online brand protection program through which more than 120 infringing sites have been taken down, with more than 1,000 sellers blocked and a total of about 400,000 items removed.