Following the closing of its Diesel historical monobrand store in central via del Corso, Diesel has opened two new stores, a 400-sq.meter one in the area of the prestigious Piazza Di Spagna and another 200-sq.meter one on Via del Corso.

For the opening party of its Piazza Di Spagna flagship store - also offering their Diesel Black Gold premium brand - Diesel has paid homage to the city presenting an exclusive screen-based artwork showcasing new digital art creative paths.

Berlin based artist Andreas Nicolas Fischer created a special art initiative by bringing to life an abstract digital organism and housing it in an enclosed atrium that serves as the gateway into the store. The installation will remain inside the store for the next three months. All walls will be completely tiled with screens and the ceiling will be mirrored in order to better involve visitors within the interactive art installation. Based upon localized data sources drawn directly from Rome, the flux and evolution of the city will be brought into the space through Fischer's animated visuals.

The digital organism will be first drawn from topographical data, taken from maps of Rome. Its growth and movements will be based upon the use of #rome and #roma online hashtags. Evolving into new visual outcomes, the city's data will create a starting point from which Fischer's impressionistic forms can grow. A specially programmed algorithm created by Fischer will generate a haiku poem and a striking screenshot of the in-store visual mutation at that moment, both to be delivered directly via Twitter to its users.