Diesel has just released its newest pre-fall 2014 ad campaign devised by Nicola Formichetti, artistic director of the brand and creative mind behind the Diesel Reboot project.

“We have looked at different images from ad campaigns to art masterpieces that moulded, our way to look at the world and blended them into a Picasso-Pop mix thanks to the employ of the newest digital tools,” commented Formichetti. “We could often see huge groups portrayed throughout history - from Michelangelo to Avedon. Now the Diesel Reboot is completed and it is the foundation for a new Diesel vision. When a new starting phase is happening we always look at the past and at the future. For this, this campaign looks like a sort of Neo-Neoclassicism.”

“We wanted to call back Italian art throughout the centuries until Renaissance,” continues Nick Knight, photographer who shot the campaign. “Our intention was that of gathering together great visually cultural moments. I think that Formichetti managed to include his vision of a ‘glitching community’ into a global and innovative vision by juxtaposing – and therefore exalting - classic and digital elements.”

The new f/w 2014 campaign and collection is based on three essential elements of “Diesel Icons”: Leather-Rock ‘n’ Roll, Denim and Military-Utility. The campaign likes to play with the notion of these contemporary ‘pop’ classics in fashion, mixed with a view on classical art, a new form of Diesel’s alternative spirit.

The campaign features a cast of characters from models and actors to musicians and “normal people” casted through the internet. “The new vision of the brand is strong for both men and women, it is a united vision,” continues Formichetti. “There are groups of boys and girls, slick and street, it all feels even. This is a mixture of people found in digital space as well as actors, models and musicians; it’s an inclusive pop vision of all different kinds of people who are true to themselves. The casting is a big part of what we do at Diesel; it’s the forming of a new kind of tribe.”

Diesel pre-fall '14
Diesel pre-fall '14