Italian jeans brand Diesel has just launched a new unique limited edition denim selection - Diesel Denim Atelier Collection.
This special capsule collection offers highly distressed Italian hand-finished and handcrafted denim items in two styles only – one for men and one for women.

This selection was devised by the brand’s creative director Nicola Formichetti. Each limited edition pair receives a complex series of abrasions and repair techniques that guarantee each single pair to be a unique piece of art. Each pair is also finished with a variety of couture embellishments like Swarovski crystal rivets and accents like welded back pockets.

Each pair of Diesel Denim Atelier has requested the company’s own “denim engineers”. This limited edition is available in the very small quantity of three hundred pairs worldwide. “That is why we call it couture,” commented the company. The productive process followed a meticulous series of productive steps. Starting with the rough denim canvas, a first wash of color was applied before extensive hand cutting shreds the denim. A second wash distressed the cuts, adding texture and filaments to the fraying edges that were then re-sewn by hand, with highly-resistant cotton, polyester and even gold lurex threads. A final wash added new dimensions of wear and tear, before the denim was oven-dried and fixed.

“The final result achieved by the Diesel Denim Atelier Collection surpasses denim’s humble beginnings to become an exceptional garment and a wardrobe staple, to be worn from day to night paired with everything from a simple white tee to a tuxedo blazer with luxurious ease,” the company explained. Each item will be sold at €1040 retail.