Desigual inaugurated its new headquarters in Barcelona, in Passeig Mare Nostrum 15, at the presence of M. H. Sr. Artur Mas, president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Thomas Meyer, founder/president, Desigual and Manel Jadraque, general manger, Desigual, amongst others.

The new offices can host up to 1,500 people and has a total floor space of 24,400 sqm. At 186 meters tall it is the second highest building in Barcelona.
Desigual's new space is currently hosting 1,000 employees from 85 different countries. Their average age is below 30 and they all share the brand's philosophy “La Vida es Chula”.
The whole office is decorated with furniture originating from the Mediterranean and is mostly inspired by elements similar to the brand's own design. Floors are made with a patchwork of different types of wood and carpet. The concept for the interior was designed by architecture studio Turull-Sorensen Arquitectos S.L. Offices are designed in order to help intercommunication and the exchange of personal ideas and opinions. Sustainability is a key element in managing work: No paper is required since everyone is connected electronically to the other and documents can be shared constantly. The building is energy and water saving and is focused on waste management. Employees can even use bicycles to get from area to area within the building. In addition, many open spaces throughout the headquarters help to create an environment that is easy to live and work in.
Founded in 1984, Desigual today has a total of over 3,800 employees from 83 different countries. In 2012 it sold more than 22 million items worldwide. By end 2012 it reached 330 mono-brand stores, 9,000 multi-brand stores and 2,200 shops-in-the-shop in department stores in over 100 countries.