For its upcoming edition of 21-22 May 2014, the specialised denim trade show Denim By PV will change location, country and city. From Paris - where it has taken place since December 2007 - it will now move to Barcelona. “It was always in our philosophy to evolve and move. We were looking for a new location during the last year and a half. It took a while before we found a town that could fit with the identity of the show. Then we decided to show in Barcelona at Fira Barcelona, in the Hall 8,” explains Chantal Malingrey-Perrin, director, Denim By PV.

“We had to change location because the Halle Freyssinet is no longer available.” The hall has recently been sold to a private company owned by French entrepreneur My Niel and is set to be restructured into the new headquarters of Vente Privée beginning late 2014 through 2015.

Malingrey-Perrin continues: “We looked throughout Paris but we could not find any location as unconventional as Halle Freyssinet that could host the show. We looked at the Grand Palais and La Villette but both were already hosting cultural or commercial events on the dates we needed them. Therefore we had to look for somewhere else. We think that Barcelona has a good vibe, it is creative, welcoming, multicultural and easy going.”

The new setting is exactly the same one that had hosted Bread&Butter in the past. “In a way the market and the insiders we are addressing are more or less the same community of B&B. In addition, after asking around there were no bad memories about that area. Plus when Bread&Butter took place it was already five years ago and much has changed in the meantime.”

The decision to move to this Southern European city was not taken for a few seasons, but according to an agreement for at least the next five years. The location measures 10-12,000sqm gross and according to estimates the show’s organization expects to continue presenting about 90 exhibitors and welcome around 3,000-3,500 visitors, similar to what is happening now. “Our philosophy is to continue to remain selective and international. In fact 95% of our exhibitors are foreigners and 72% of our visitors are from outside of France. Moreover we will continue to focus on high-end international manufacturers, mostly from the European and Mediterranean areas – our Pakistani exhibitors for the November 2013 edition are only seven,” she explains while listing the country of origin of the majority of the show’s exhibitors. “Most of our exhibitors are from Turkey (27), then come Italians (17), Morocco and Pakistan (7), and France (5)...”

“I think that the change will bring us good fortune and enthusiasm, and infuse a new dynamic. It's important to bring a new soul to the show,” added Malingrey-Perrin.