Jeans manufacturer Denham has opened a new denim retail concept dedicated to women in its home neighborhood, the 9-streets area of Amsterdam. The 120 square meter "Denim Bar" sits directly adjacent to Denham’s existing women’s boutique on Runstraat, just across Denham’s unique Service Co. alteration and repair shop and around the corner from the men’s store and design studio.

It offers a full assortment of Denham’s 5-pocket silhouettes and aims to provide women a more customer-centered experience and the perfect jeans fit. In order to make this happen, the shop has installed a 300° mirrored fitting enclosure which provides clear views from every angle, and a custom embroidery machine so that customers can have their own one-of-a-kind embroidered insignia added directly to their favorite jean. Each style from Denham’s fit portfolio is presented in a broad variety of Italian washes from deeply rinsed indigo to fresh faded bleach treatments as well as artisan techniques and directional denim finishes with a focus on classic blue, greys and blacks.

Inside the Denim Bar
Inside the Denim Bar

Denham’s women denim bar has been designed by brand founder Jason Denham. Highlights include the bespoke private dressing-rooms positioned around the 300° fitting enclosure; a Japanese costume displayed on antique yoga bars; a collection of vintage tailoring and dressmaking scissors and a hybridized indigo artwork by the Columbian painter Juan Manuel Gómez.

Denham Denim Bar
Runstraat 15
1016 GJ Amsterdam