Dassault Systèmes, a global market leader in 3D design, has announced the start of a development and research platform called FashionLab. FashionLab, directed by Jérôme Bergeret, offers new possibilities for fashion designers and stylists by combining Dassault Systèmes' technical creativity with the artistic work and expertise of its users.

The new platform is currently working on projects regarding trend research, 3D fashion design solutions and the creation of an application that allows for 3D realizations of store strategies. Additionally, three designers from the luxury segment have been called upon to collaborate with Dassault Systèmes’ engineers: Julien Fournié, founder of an eponymous boutique, Jonathan Riss, creative director of JAY AHR, and Francois Quentin, luxury watch designer and founder of 4N.

The three believe that FashionLab has the potential to be a turning point for the fashion industry. The company is already launching innovative endeavors such as the development of a virtual showroom called “Premier Showroom,” which provides a glimpse into the world and lifestyle of Fournié. Riss, furthermore, remarked: “The luxury fashion industry can benefit greatly from the development of creative processes in which ideas can be captured and directly transacted thanks to virtualization and visualization.”

Bergeret went on to say: "FashionLab displaces the borders of fashion. Our mission is to develop tools for virtual 3D-modeling and collaboration. With these tools, it will be possible to control the whole design process from start to finish."