Dr. Martens have launched an online contest entitled The Brief to design their next boot style. The brief? To create, nominate and dominate.

Last year’s successful contest saw over twelve thousand designs submitted from 146 countries, inspiring this years competition to award to two overall winners; one will be chosen by an eclectic panel, the other using a peer to peer voting system.

Dr. Martens offers two blank iconic canvases, The Original 8-eye and 14-eye boot, for anyone and everyone to create a new design. Budding and established designers and those who don't consider themselves designers can nominate a design. Done entirely online, upon entering the micro-site (drmartens.com/bootdesign) creators can use virtual tools such as a paintbrush or a lighter, whiteout or a marker, or upload their own artwork to make the boots their own. Anyone can submit a design and see if the world agrees with them.

Over eight weeks, two winners will be selected, two boots will be produced and the winners sold globally as a limited edition product, forever becoming a part of the history of Dr. Martens.

The competition closes 31st July 2008. Winner will be announced early August 2008.