German parcel deliverer DPD has introduced the 30-minute accurate and live-traceable delivery service DPD Predict and gained several online fashion retailers to implement it.

Users who have ordered a parcel via DPD Predict will be given a one-hour time slot for the arrival of their parcel a day before the delivery (via text message or email) which will be shortened to 30 minutes within the course of the delivery service. The user is also able to live-track his order on a precise online map, telling him/her how many stops lie before its arrival.
Until the arrival, the user shall also be enabled to alter different variables of the delivery: move it to a later day, redirect it to a DPD parcel shop / a neighbor of desire / any other address or even instruct the deposit at a save storage place. All these changes are free of charge.

DPD Predict was launched in the German market on July 23. Next to JustFab, DPD gained Asos Germany as a fashion-related user of the service. “After being able to offer our UK customers a one-hour delivery time frame, we are very happy about the launch of the new service in Germany,” said Matt Rogers, director of delivery solutions and inbound supply chain at Asos. At the moment, Asos offers the Predict service to ‘Asos Premier’ customers only.

DPD’s CEO Boris Winkelmann: “The possibilities of our maps-based live tracking are unique within the German parcel market. Hereby, DPD makes the parcel digital and connects the online world of e-commerce with the offline world of physical goods.” Until 2018 latest, DPD wants to increase its market share in the B2C segment to 15 percent, focusing on the premium segment. Next to new delivery services, DPD wants to expand its German and international network of parcel shops (PaketShop), introduce same-day-delivery and make Saturday a normal delivery day. Also internationally, DPD is increasing its B2C services: right now, delivery time slots and the possibility to redirect a parcel are available in 15 European countries.

Live tracking of the deliverer
Live tracking of the deliverer

Documentation: DPD Predict in self-test
On Wednesday night, I received an email saying that my parcel was to be delivered the next day.  Thursday morning, I received another mail saying that it was to be delivered between 11:27am and 12:27pm the same day. I then decided to shift the delivery to Friday. Everything went fine and I got a confirmation email of my alteration. The next morning, I was informed that my parcel was to arrive between 11:16am and 12:16pm. At 10:30, I decided I wanted to shift the delivery to another day again, but couldn’t chose any alterations in delivery time or place as “my parcel was already on its way” and so I received it in the given time slot.

Conclusion: The option to shift the delivery time slot and location on your online orders is great, especially when being out of home or at work. DPD Predict offers a very exact live tracing on your online orders and keeps you well informed on the status of your delivery. The alternative routing options are numerous, however the shifting of delivery didn’t work on short notice in my case although DPD states that “the recipient has the option to redirect his parcel even during the delivery process”.