DMC Creative World, French manufacturer of mouline embroidery cotton, crochet and knitting yarns sold worldwide, has launched "myboshi" a new handmade crochet beanie cap, throughout Europe.

The new crochet concept, myboshi, which means "my beanie" in Japanese, was invented accidentally by two German snowboarders, Felix Rohland and Thomas Jaenisch. During a trip to Japan, while looking for an evening pastime they learnt to crochet. It began as a bit of a joke, then they created their own beanie hat which met immediate success.

The two young founders have been interviewed by newspapers and television, invited to events, and followed by more than 25,000 fans on Facebook. Hundreds of beginners have been introduced to crochet through myboshi and are now sharing their creations all over the world. Over 160 tons of myboshi yarn has been sold in 2500 stores in two years. The myboshi concept is now distributed in many countries around the world: Germany, France, England, Austria and Switzerland, but also in Australia, USA and Chile.

Wool yarn kits for creating one's own myboshi capsare  currently available for winter 2013 at over 1,000 haberdashery and hobby shops all over Europe. Coloured or plain beanies, with or without pom-poms, or with braids, can be created. Making a myboshi beanie requires just 3 hours, three balls of myboshi wool, and a crochet hook size 6mm. The special yarn developed by DMC is a mix of 30% super wash merino wool and 70% acrylic, a soft, warm and strong combination yarn, which is offered in 36 different colours from yellow - orange, red - blue, black and white, and a hot selection of neon colours.