The Diesel Wall Jury has announced the four winners of the 2007 Temporary Art Award contest. They are Massimo Falsaci for “Sunset” (Milan), Chui Chi Tang with “Better to Keep Silent” (Beijing), Tucker Hughes for “My Mama is So Proud” (Copenhagen) and Artemis Psathas for “Look Me in the Eye” (Toronto).

The competition, dedicated to young artists and designers, showcases selected artwork on an extraordinary scale: monumental, freestanding vertical walls in various city centers.

Beginning this year, Diesel Walls will be erected on three continents. In addition to one wall in Milan, new walls will go up in Beijing, Toronto and Copenhagen.

Over a thousand projects were received from around the world, an extraordinary response that underlines the project’s importance as an unique opportunity for international young artists to express their talent and ideas.

The Beijing wall will showcase Chui Chi Tang’s “Better to Keep Silent" from mid July to September. The Diesel Wall in Beijing is situated in the Dashanzi Art District in the northeast of central Beijing. The area was originally the site of state-owned factories used to produce electronics; Dashanzi is now a center of Beijing's nascent "BoBo" (bohemian-bourgeois) community and a center of innovative contemporary art.

The Toronto wall will feature Artemis Psathas’ “Look Me in the Eye” from mid August. This spectacular wall, located in the heart of downtown Toronto, is located between the city’s financial district and busiest shopping areas. It is the biggest wall in this year's competition.

The Milan wall will exhibit Massimo Falsaci’s “Sunset” from Jun. 19 - Aug. 31. The work covers a vertical face measuring 360 sq. meters located near the historic Colonne di San Lorenzo. The wall itself is a historic monument for the city of Milan, damaged during the Second World War and now under protection of a cultural committee.

And finally the Copenhagen wall will showcase Tucker Hughes’ “My Mama is So Proud” from Aug. 10 - Sept. 9. That work will be replaced by another local artist's winning wall entry from Sept. 21 - Oct. 21.