Starting January 2014, publishing house Deutscher Fachverlag, including Sportswear International and 90 other specialist publications, will present itself with a new name: The “Verlagsgruppe Deutscher Fachverlag“ will become the "dfv Mediengruppe". The name change is part of the re-modelling offensive, which further comprises a new logo, a new tagline and an optimized corporate design.

Klaus Kottmeier, dfv Chairman, comments “The dfv has evolved itself into a broad-based, cross-media working, special-media provider. In the last few years we have expanded our range enormously, especially in the digital segment, as well as in the event area. New subsidiaries and participations complement our portfolio. All of this is to be carried along into the new brand strategy. We are at the same time investing in the future of our company. A strong brand is important for the success of the sales and labour market, as well as the opinion market. A strong brand is the emotional landmark that creates opportunities for identification. It is what makes us distinctive, and it supports a positive image transfer between our offerings.”

The aim of the re-launch is to respond to the current size and diversity of the company, to become more international and to allow room for further growth. The new logo with red as a signal colour communicates that the media group emphasizes important features through their title and platforms - in the branches that accompany journalism, and on a personal and professional level with the reader.

“The dfv’s central task is to make people successful in their career and their business. Those who read our media, attend our events and use our services hold the compass to success in their hands. We provide the tools for our readers and customers to build their future,” says Brita Westerholz, head of the dfv Corporate Marketing and Corporate Communications for the new branding. The new claim “Know more, decide right” underlines this demand. The new corporate branding reflects the self-confidence of a company that is one of the leading special media houses in Europe. Furthermore it conveys visually and through text, the personal and engaging culture of the dfv in a form that is clean, clear and comprehensible.