Effective from the fiscal year change 2012/2013, German specialist publishing house Deutscher Fachverlag (dfv), the publisher of Sportswear International, will take over all shares of its holding company The Conference Group (TCG). TCG is a service provider carrying out event planning and executing services for dfv.

At the moment, dfv owns 66 % of TCG’s shares whilst Dr. Erhard Bost commands the rest of the shares. The 57-year-old is going to resign as a stockholder and TCG president but will support the transition phase constructively.

Holger Knapp
Holger Knapp
Next to his duties in the publishing house, dfv manager Holger Knapp will join dfv manager Peter Kley in the management board of TCG.

“We thank Dr. Bost for the trustful and extraordinary successful co-work. Under his guidance, the event division has developed to be one of dfv’s most important growth generators next to the digital segment”, 40-year-old Knapp explained. “We will stick to the general strategic direction of the TCG prospectively. That means, we will continue to focus on top events for trade, the consumer goods industry and the communications sector in order to complement our printed and digital media brands by summits and workshop in a sensible way.”

In 2011, Deutscher Fachverlag realized a turnover of € 11.7 million with its events division (5 % plus compared to previous year). This makes up for around 9 % of the publishing houses total revenues. TCG has been carrying out around 70 industry events during the past year.