As board of directors and management board announced today, publishing house Deutscher Fachverlag (dfv) is expecting to terminate the fiscal year 2011 with a solid revenue increase. Compared to the previous year, the dfv, which is one of the biggest independent business media enterprises in Europe, was able to lift its turnover by about €5.1 million, respectively 4%, to a total of €133.3 million. While business activities in Germany grew by around 4.6% and were responsible for the main share of the sales volume, also foreign subsidiaries and holdings contributed to the positive results and reported slight growth.

“The dfv focuses on high-quality content, closeness to its target groups, digitalization and professional brand-leading. Our financial figures prove that this is the right way,” remarks Klaus Kottmeier, chairman of dfv’s board of directors.

The publishing house’s advertisement-generated revenues have increased by 7% compared to the previous year and now account for €82.4 million. Already now, one can conclude that with a turnover plus of 20%, the currently 90 digital mediums by the dfv have registered the highest growth within the running year and now account for of €8.4 million.

There have been ten company-own apps launched in 2011/by the end of 2010, all of them receiving positive feedback by both readers and advertisement clients. Sportswear International’s edition for the iPad was the first to be issued within the publishing group. Since its launch in April 2011, also HORIZONT, Immobilien Zeitung and dfv affiliate The Business Target Group have launched iPad apps, two more editions by Lebensmittel Zeitung and Textilwirtschaft are to follow soon.

With constant progression on the screen, board of directors and management forecast a stable sales development also for 2012, even with the overall economy being anticipated to weaken. In this context, Deutscher Fachverlag has also mounted for the future expansion of the enterprise by acquiring an additional 5.400sqm property next to their headquarters in Mainzer Landstraße, Frankfurt/Main which might serve for further office buildings in the future.