On Wednesday, October 13, Munich-based DESIGNWORK@MUC (designworkmuc.de) took off.

The new platform for upcoming design talents opened its doors and unveiled its studio on Grafingerstrasse 6 in a former industrial area. The space features ten German fashion, industrial and graphic designers as well as photographers.

DESIGNWORK@MUC’s contributing designers gave their fancy full scope and created an artsy 150sq. meter (492 sq. foot) exhibition and studio space. Built-in stairs divided the charming factory loft in smaller, cozy levels, which were decorated with fabric printed artworks and video installations. Red balls hovered in the air and transparent graphics hung from the ceiling.

The loft will be used to stage extravagant presentations that will merge the creativity of many design fields.

Currently, DESIGNWORK@MUC is also cooperating with Munich retailer Stierblut, which is well known for its variety of directional designerware. At present all DESIGNWORK@MUC works are being sold at the store under the label „#01 TEAM.“ Every six months, though, the designers will change and the new merchandise will be sold under the names „#02 TEAM,“ „#03 TEAM,“ etc. The „#02 TEAM“ designs will arrive in the store in March.

The first DESIGNWORK@MUC finalists, including Kristina Pusch, Katrin Huber, Barbara Pomper, Sandra Wellershaus (graphic design), Georg Meierotto (photo design), Immo Redecker (industrial design) and Stein Communication (mediateam) have used their opportunity to professionally present and realize their work.
The three others – fashion designers Bloody+Mariechen, Rafael Gomes and Anlo Jaacks, are currently travelling in Dresden, Essen, Munich and Hamburg for fashion shows presented by car manufacturer Alfa Romeo.

Karin Leiberg