Swedish newcomer denim brand Denim Demon went literally to the ends of the earth to create groundbreaking denim washes for its new collection.

Several months ago the brand’s chiefs, the Olsson brothers, visited their extended reindeer farming Sami tribe family in the northern part of Scandinavia and asked six of them to wear for six months one pair of jeans during their daily work.

And that's exactly what six of these indigenous tribesmen and women did, while photos were taken of the jeans on a regular basis to document the process of how they acquired their looks (the transformations can be seen on the brand's website).
Now, not only will the worn denim go on tour and be exhibited by several retailers, but the most interesting results from the brand’s experiment will also be recreated by Italian finishers for a new denim collection.

“It is really important for us to create as authentic and worn-out a style as possible,” says co-founder Oskar Olsson. “The thought behind all our denim products is for them to have their own personal history. And what can be more personal than this.”

—Michaela Schmidinger