How is a pair of selvedge jeans made? That question will be answered live at Bread & butter, beginning Wednesday at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. At the textile platform, The Sourcing, which will be integrated again into Bread & butter, the so-called “Laboratorio” will demonstrate the process of how one makes selvedge jeans. Denim specialists TRC Candiani, Elleti and Okinawa have built up a complete production cycle for selvedge jeans in Hangar 7. And at the Laboratorio visitors can not only learn about the process but also create custom-made jeans. Adriano Goldschmied has designed two styles each for men and women, which can be individually customized with a variety of washes, buttons and labels. Part of the revenues will be donated to a project from the organization called “Ärzte ohne Grenzen.”

—Melanie Gropler