Creora is a spandex/elastane fiber supplier part of Hyosung, global Korean chemical group and an integrated textile producer of nylon and polyester with further fabric divisions in addition to spandex/elastane fibers that they have been producing since 1992.

As the textile business plays an important role at Hyosung, they are now planning to grow and expand to different external apparel and underwear categories including the denim segment. Ria Stern, global marketing director of Hyosung Corporation explains what next products and trends Creora considers strategic for seasons to come.

Ria Stern, global marketing director of Hyosung Corporation
Ria Stern, global marketing director of Hyosung Corporation
What are Creora's specialties and in what market areas do you expect to grow?
Creora’s main markets have been all the traditional segments that employ elastane such as intimate apparel, activewear, swimwear, hosiery and ready-to- wear, primarily knitwear. In the last few years we have registered a significant growth in the denim and wovens area.

Are there any specific products Creora has developed for the jeanswear and denim markets?
The denim market is extremely important for us. For this we have developed the Creora Fit2 technology aimed to be employed in bistretch denims, therefore a fiber catered to be employed especially in this market.

Our Creora Fit2 technology was developed in order to meet consumer demand for second skin fit jeans guaranteeing 360 degree comfort. This technology capitalizes Creora elastane’s superior setting performance and offer for 4-way stretch development with reduced shrinkage and better recovery.

What main trends will we see in fashion, sportswear and jeanswear in next seasons? Is Creora launching any additional products in order to serve these markets?
We think that comfort, performance, high-functionality and lighter-weight materials will continue to rule as megatrends. For this we are developing a series of new fibers and fiber combinations aimed at meeting this market’s needs.

We think that wovens that look and perform like knits and knits (double knits, twills, and similar ones) that mimic wovens will be protagonists in these markets. Therefore we are focusing on fibers that help achieving these new image and performance.

As fashion and function will also continue to be important, we are also working with some of our Hyosung specialty nylon and polyester fiber divisions in order to deliver enhanced value to consumers such as cool comfort denim combining Mipan Aqua-X cooling nylon with Creora elastane. Similarly, we want to combine warming and comfort properties together by employing Creora elastane with our Aerowarm hollow core polyester.

Since also lighter weight denims continue to be looked for, we are developing a combination of Hyosung high-tenacity Mipan Robic nylon fiber with Creora elastane. This new combination guarantees higher durability to lighter weight denims.