Among 57%-60% of consumers in China, Europa and the US are unsatisfied when cotton is replaced with other fibers in textiles. This is one of the facts that the yearly global study carried out by Cotton USA points out. In addition, between 50% - 62% of consumers in the same countries would pay more for garments as long as they’re completely made of cotton. For instance, study participants in the US said that they would pay $39 dollars for cotton jeans on average, $9 more than the average paid price. A similar price variation (between $2 and $7) can be observed with in other categories like dresses, sweatshirts and dress shirts, among others.

Without leaving the US, most consumers in this country also perceive cotton as the most comfortable (69%), breathable (68%), durable (51%) and versatile (46%) of the fibers in comparison with polyester, viscose and cotton/polyester mixes. In terms of sustainability, cotton fibers are considered environment-friendly by over 80% of surveyed people in China, Europe and Latin America, and rates even climb to 90% in Turkey, India, Thailand and the US.

Cotton USA also identifies key market megatrends that could also shed light on the evolution of cotton consumption in the years to come:

An ever-increasing aging population. From 2010 till 2030, all analyzed markets –US, Europe, Japan, China, Latin America and India- will experience a tremendous growth of citizens that are over 40 years old, especially in Asia.

Spending on clothing continues to rise meteoric in China and India. Between 2013 and 2023, the spending on fashion in China will increase from over $200 billion to almost $500 billion, representing a 109% increase. Indians will also double their current spending within the ten-year period to almost $150 billion.

Consumers searching consciously for sustainable-manufactured clothing. With data collected last year, there’s a high contrast between developing countries like India and China where sustainable-clothing seekers make up 60%-90% and the developed ones, where rates are between 25% and 40%.

In order to highlight the study results –broad preference of global consumers for cotton fibers-, Cotton USA has recently launched a global advertising campaign called “I Love My Cotton”, portraying men, women and children in close-up shots. It has been developed by New Yorker agency AR and was shot by Argentinian photographer Paola Kudacki, who has worked for fashion magazines and brands like Max Mara and Victoria’s Secret.

The Cotton USA company promotes US cotton fibers and manufactured cotton products, reaching out to more than 50 countries, operating 17 own offices worldwide. They have been conducting consumer studies every two years since 1999.