Copenhagen Fashion Week is coming to an end. The local trade shows CIFF, Vision and Gallery have for the first time been running on a different schedule with CIFF and Vision each running from Sunday-Wednesday (August 3-6) and Gallery being on from Wednesday-Friday (August 6-8). On the trade show grounds, the unpeaceful mood between the different trade show organizers was a major topic.

The one-day-only overlap meant a complication for many (international) visitors who came to take a look at all of the trade shows. Also various exhibitors complained about the uneven dates, some brands even ran booth at two shows simultaneously to cover the full period. Even the trade show organizers seemed to agree that the shows should find a common date for the next season but whilst Gallery’s Christian Gregersen already announced January 28-31 as his preferred date (right after Who’s Next and just before Oslo and New York), CIFF’s Kristian W Andersen (CIFF) said that nothing was fixed yet and that he would like to stick to CIFF’s new Sunday-Wednesday routine at least for another season.

Other rumors concern the upcoming venue of the Gallery trade show. According to several insiders and exhibitors, Gallery will leave its usual grounds at Forum Copenhagen next season and might cooperate with the Vision fair on a joint location, possibly Oksnehallen, the old and now new location of Vision which would only offer enough space for two shows if one enlarged the building with additional pavilions.
Forum's landlord is at the same time the owner of CIFF and its location Bellacenter.
Asked about rumor, Christian Gregersen ensured: “Gallery is going to take place at Forum next season again. I have a rent contract for another four years so I will not move my fair.” 
Apart from that, Gregersen explained that he wants to expand Gallery’s showcase of upscale Scandinavian brands at the Royal Hall of Music which was inaugurated this season.
Moreover, he plans to cooperate both with ENK New York and Mode Shanghai, where Gallery will host “30-40 Scandinavian brands and three to four catwalk shows”.