With the Online Shops About You, Edited and Sister Surprise, all launched in May this year, Collins GmbH & Co., subsidiary of the Otto Group, is said to have reached their aim generating a double digit million turnover in their first year in the market.

The online shops focus on a triad of efficiency, open commerce and an individualized way to address customers. With About You, the developer center, Collins offers creative developers the chance to present their ideas for new online-shopping apps. This way, some of the apps could already be integrated into the shop to simplify the online-shopping process.

“Since our launch, we’ve experienced a massive afflux of app-concepts that we will roll out gradually, after an appropriate examination. Ultimately, our conjecture that app users tend to be more eager to purchase and are more loyal customers, was confirmed,” said Tarek Müller, co-chief of Collins and manager of About You, Edited and Sister Surprise.

Collins controls the Start-up as finance- and management-holding with the aim to grow recoverably, yet the online stores are independently responsible for the expansion of their competence in e-commerce as well as their own personal branding, to appeal to a young target group. With a broadly conceived TV-campaign, About You is the first of the three shops to expand their concept. The campaign, consisting of ten spots will start 30 September, 2014, on German television.

“With the consumer-communication in national television we will further extend our economic growth and severely increase our coverage,” states Tarek Müller about the expected development of the business.

Collins GmbH & Co. is an e-commerce start-up of the Otto Group with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, founded by entrepreneur and CEO Benjamin Otto and digital expert Tarek Müller. Launched in May, Collins now engages around 180 employees, with editorial- and fashion experts as well as IT- experts from a total of 13 countries.