Carvico, Italian leading manufacturer of stretch warp knit fabrics used for swimwear, sportswear, underwear and outerwear garments, has recently launched its innovative performance swim fabric – Vita. The new material is an evolution of Carvico’s bestselling material Malaga, and it is made out of 22% Xtra Life Lycra, Invista's premium swimwear fiber, and 78% recycled Polyamide (PA). According to the company the new material is destined to become the new fabric reference for the swimming sector.
Carvico has tested the qualities of its new fabric through live comparative tests with swim athletes. The test is presented within an exclusive short movie called “Strong Like Us”, presented for the first time in Cannes, during the November 2013 edition of MarediModa, specialized tradeshow.
Comparative tests were carried out both in laboratories - for testing the fabric’s resistance to sun creams and oils - and outside of laboratories - in the water recreating conditions of real-life usage, simulating 8.800 hours of swimming in the pool. Two groups of young athlete swimmers wore swimsuits: one wore swimsuits created from Vita fabric, made using Xtra Life Lycra fiber and a second group wore identical swimsuits made with a similar fabric containing chlorine-resistant competitor’s alternative yarn.
The results showed the superiority of Vita’s resistance to degradation from creams and oils, an excellent shape retention and fit, four time higher compression capacity, a double resistance to fiber breakage in comparison to the competitor’s fabric with other chlorine-resistant elastane. Moreover, Vita fabric is characterized by 20% thinner material thickness and smoother and softer hand characteristics.