Candiani Denim, the specialized Italian denim manufacturer founded in 1938, now managed by the fourth generation of the Candiani family, is sharpening its strategies aimed to serve the US market more thoroughly.

By end 2015, they will also offer a workshop service in their Los Angeles headquarters, the same they have already been offering from their Milan headquarters (Robecchetto con Induno) since 2012, which has proven itself very successful.

The workshop service is a made-to-measure assistance aimed at supporting single clients, brands and designers by informing them about fresh seasonal trends, technical characteristics about each fabric's most versatile employ and practical information about how each denim can be finished, treated, coated and washed upon a single brand's request. Each workshop is held inside the company and carried out by Candiani's staff that is managed by Alberto Rigo, expert in laundering and finishing denim products and responsible for this service at Candiani Denim since 2012. Each workshop can last two to five days, testing materials with dedicated washing machines, hand or machine brushing, laser treating and other treating procedures.

A similar service will also be available from the Candiani US offices in Los Angeles by end of 2015. “Our aim is to provide the same assistance to our clients with information and practical help in getting the best – and the final effects they want to obtain - from our fabrics,” commented Simon Giuliani, marketing manager at Candiani Denim.

The company closed 2014 registering €117 million sales. Ten percent of their revenues are generated by Italy and 90% come from the rest of the world. More precisely 50% come from Europe and a very small - though constantly increasing - quota from Japan. The remaining 40% come from the US. They expect a +15% growth of their revenues by end 2015.

Simon Giuliani (left) and Alberto Rigo, both Candiani Denim
Simon Giuliani (left) and Alberto Rigo, both Candiani Denim

Candiani Denim is a completely verticalized denim manufacturer producing only in their Milan area headquarters. They have a production capacity of about 70,000 kilos of cotton ring yarn per day and a yearly capacity of 25 million meters of denim. They produce ring-ring denim only. Out of the total production 85% is stretch denim, about 5% are from 80 cm-selvedge denim made with 1970s re-adapted shuttle looms and about 35% employing BCI cotton.