Only the Candiani family can turn laundry day into a huge party. And, with the opening, this week, of their Downtown Los Angeles Design Center, they did just that. The new DTLA Candiani space houses a small laundry and development area for research, fabric innovation, collaborative wash development and oh so much more.

To celebrate the opening, everyone who is anyone in the LA denim market stopped by for drinks, Italian food and dancing. Lazer machines were up and running to custom inscribe aprons as party favors. Meanwhile, the chemical bar and laundry machines were on proud display, as honored a party component as the guests dancing around them.

In an interview just before the event, Alberto Candiani, Global Manager of Candiani Denim, spoke about the decision to create a Los Angeles design center, akin to centers his company already runs in Europe. “We wanted to be closer to the LA denim brands and able to assist them even better than before. After we saw the success of our Design Center in Italy, we decided to create a fully interconnected twin structure in LA because the US market represents over 30% of our business, and has done for many years.

The LA Design Center offers the perfect place for us to work on exclusive and custom developments with our clients. We start with a deep fabric knowledge, having created it, and understand all of its potential. We can help to show how our denim will look when it gets washed and transformed into a pair of jeans. It is very important to differentiate our offer in such a small and competitive market as LA.”

In addition to fabric experimentation and innovation, the Candiani Design Center will host panel discussions and exclusive educational events for students, press and designers. The series will kick off this week with “Transformers,” a panel of experts hosted by Kingpins.

If the opening reception is any indication, Mr. Candiani has hit the mark with more than just fabric. Here, not only will designers and brands have an opportunity to deepen their understanding of denim, the new Candiani design center will help further the premise of “premium denim,” a term that, of late, seems to have lost its meaning. As Candiani himself puts it: “Premium still means a good, clean product, with traceable history and superior quality for which you want to spend a little more.” Those words are clearly music to the ears of LA’s capricious denim market. And the opening party symbolized more than just some cocktails and an evening out. It’s clearly the start of something invigorating for the Los Angeles market, something tangible and, dare we say, fun?

“The Design Center is where fabric meets wash,” says Candiani. “It’s where the magic happens, and the designer becomes the wizard.  Together with the designers we can guarantee exclusivity and diversification. The Design Center will bring to LA the same special thing our fabrics brought almost 20 years ago: innovation.”