During the last edition of Munich Fabric Start, Italian specialised denim manufacturer Candiani Denim presented two new fabric developments - N-Denim and Indigo Juice.

is a new dyeing technology applied to denim fabrics. N-Denim (Nitrogen Denim) employs nitrogen, which slows down one part of the process of oxidation of indigo while accelerating its action to penetrate into yarns. This technique can help cut water consumption by 33% and chemical agents by 50%. As a consequence N-Denim can help to produce highly sustainable denim fabrics.

In addition to N-Denim, Candiani has internally developed their new dyeing technique Indigo Juice. This technique fixes indigo onto the surface of denim. Although crocking values are unchanging, the aim of this development is to wash the garment using as little water as possible, since the fabric loses colour from a short wash. Moreover, fabrics are being studied in order that they can be treated with laser and ozone treatments – two more eco-friendly treatments that require very little water.