Camel active license partner Dornbusch & Co. KG has initiated a modernization process affecting every area of the company, starting from the coordination between design and retail management to coordination between national and international distribution. In addition the Bielefeld, Germany-based fashion company has restructured its prices and introduced new retail prices. Shirts will now retail from €49.95 to €69.95, knitwear will be primarily offered at retail prices from €89.95 to €99.95, knit basics such as V-necks will cost €69.95.

According to a statement by Camel active, the reduction in prices is due to optimization of internal processes at the company. Michael Pedersen, Camel active brand manager and sales manager at Dornbusch explains: “These changes were possible because we have adapted and developed our internal processes. We want to optimize our performance in retail but it’s important to us to maintain quality even though we’re offering good cost-performance ratio.”

In September 2013 Rebuar Gafur became the licensor’s new Head of Design. The designer and product manager has previously worked at companies such as Wappen Men’s and Olymp.