After last winter’s successful relaunch of Cross Jeanswear Co., the design team got creative for fall/winter 2012 with traditional cuts combined with new silhouettes. 90 denim styles for men and women provide colorful washes in premium materials and offer a range of cuts such as skinny, straight-leg, boot cuts and flares, also available in corduroy. Tops are natural and relaxed in either classic or wide, cropped styles to mix and match. Military knitwear, coats with fake fur, heritage shirts, stinted jackets, low-cut crotches and blouses in rust, tobacco, blue and khaki shades complete the 70s-inspired looks. One of the collection's highlights are fine, skinny stretch denims in shiny or coated looks featuring deep blues, blacks, vintage washes and grey shades in every cut. Checked patterns, paisley and delavé effects also play an important role, as does the back pocket signature that was introduced last year.

Cross Jeanswear Co. also launched ReDenim, a new collection for both men and women that is not only made from recycled denim, but also employs advanced production techniques to reduce consumption of water, energy and the use of chemicals in the manufacturing of each jean. Since Cross Jeanswear Co. utilises its own production facilities, the brand is able to create, monitor and control all aspects of the production cycle.

The program is comprised of two elements: ‘reuse’ and ‘reduce.' Reuse signifies the process of taking old jeans and recycling them so that Cross Jeans can reuse almost every material in new pairs of jeans, including recycling the copper and brass for metal buttons, rivets, and zips, cotton for pockets, and polyester thread for sewing. To reduce, Cross Jeanswear Co. uses ozone technology to drastically reduce the amount of water used and constantly works on finding ways of reducing the amount of energy used in the laundry process as well as eliminating chemicals such as formaldehyde, which is known to be a human carcinogen. For ReDenim, Cross Jeanswear uses only industry certified, organic treatments in its laundry and no oil-based paints on metal accessories.