Danish fashion fair concepts CPH Vision and Terminal-2, which used to take place in different locations twice a year during Copenhagen Fashion Week, will be merged in one location starting with the August 2012 edition.

Future scenery for the two trade shows will be the old locomotive building where Terminal-2 has been held since its launch in February 2009. The property, which has a rugged, industrial look and high ceilings, will not only host the trade fair itself but also be the backdrop for catwalk shows, exhibitions, showrooms, parties and other events.

Peter Fenger Selchau, CEO of both CPH Vision and Terminal-2, said: “This new concept will accommodate both exhibitor and visitor requirements and result in a sharper segmentation, more traffic and a relaxed exhibition environment”. According to Selchau, the “amalgamation of the two existing fairs […] will ensure that Copenhagen stays the preferred fashion week in Scandinavia”.

Since its inception in 1988, CPH Vision has been taken place in Oeksnehallen in the city of Copenhagen. The upcoming edition from February 2-4, 2012 will be the last one held there. However, according to the show’s organizers, the location will still be a part of Copenhagen Fashion Week in the future.

The date for the August 2012 trade fair has moved and will take place in week 32, 2012. Online pre-registration for the February version will be possible from December 1, 2011, onwards.