Regarding ‘Moods’, the section for jeans sportswear, young fashion and new womenswear within CPD Signatures, the organizers have optimized the concept for its second edition, taking place July 23-25, 2011. Apart from a new sequence in days which is now from Saturday to Monday, Moods will further be highlighted as an independent section. Up to now, many brands have already confirmed their participation in July again, such as Firetrap, HIS, Cipo & Baxx, Gorilla, or Duke London. New participating labels are, for instance, Rare Fashion from the UK, Brams Paris from the Netherlands, and Rosalita McGee from Spain.

“We are still in touch with many famous, new brands from both Germany and foreign countries that have shown their interest in a future participation,” Sales Consultant, Günther Sommer, says. “We have set the basis for the platform Moods last February. The positive feedback now proved that we took the right direction for a segment where commercial young fashion brands feel at home.”